3 days South of Hookhill by Wagon, 1.5 days by horse.
Pop approx 200

Mayor Lord Alexi Traven

Audsun Meller is a Miller and Merchant

The Kegstaff Inn
Legolas and Deveth have regrouped and feasted here several times. Meetings are often held here by the party and Alexi Traven often attends or meets them here.

Small Church of Pelor was run by Duncam Rowlit who has not been seen since the village was overrun by Ghouls and much of it burned. Approx 200 people died or went missing in/after that episode.

20 abandoned farms were gifted to Legolas and Deveth after they cleared the dungeon but they soon gave them back.

Vincent Graylock now owns the farms and has a small cottage and farm near the entrance to the cave that originally led to a mine that was the source of Legolas and Deveth’s first adventure.

There was a Beekeeping Wizard nearby also, about 10 miles away and it was at his cottage, built into a hillside, that Heironeus elevated his worshipers and penalized Legolas and Deveth for deserting them to the Demons that had taken over the cottage.


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